Saturday, January 28, 2012

VGL | The Male Model Daily is 3 Today

I launched VGL on a whim three years ago today with the idea that I’d post some pictures of hot guys and write a bit about sexy culture.

VGL has evolved into a digest of my favorite photography of professional (agency-signed) male models from around the world: VGL | The Male Model Daily.


Thank you models, photographers, agencies, stylists, designers and publications who have so generously contributed to VGL’s modest success.

And thanks to our readers, subscribers, and followers whose comments and encouragements have kept me going.

With love,



Kevin said...

Well done! Congratulations, Robert!

VGL | The Male Model Daily said...

Thx, Kevin. You've been a supporter from the beginning, and I appreciate it SO much! xoxo

dave peterson said...

Congratulations! I'm a big fan - keep up the great work!

VGL | The Male Model Daily said...

Thanks Dave! Big fan of *your* designs :-)

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