Monday, March 7, 2011

London | Aaron Johnson in ‘ÜBerlin’ Video | REM


British actor Aaron Johnson channels a freaky Fred Astaire on the street in Shoreditch for a new REM video.   ÜBerlin was directed by his fiancée, Sam Taylor-Wood.

REM has commissioned a short film to accompany each of the 12 tracks on the new album, Collapse Into Now.  Michael Stipe created one, and James Franco (yes, that James Franco) contributed films for two songs.


+ Aaron Johnson on VGL

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SteveDenver said...

He tries waaaaaay too hard to look "casual." He would look absolutely spastic next to a dancer with smooth skills.

stefan said...

Steve you sound like a twat. He's an actor not a dancer and he probably had fun doing it.

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