Thursday, July 15, 2010

James Franco + Jon Hamm | HOWL

HOWL, the fiercely independent feature about the 1957 obscenity trial over Allen Ginsberg’s book of poems, arrives in theatres in September.  The movie has been playing to packed houses on the festival circuit.


James Franco is the young Ginsberg and Jon Hamm plays Jake Ehrlich, the legendary attorney who defended the book and won.


VGL delivers this first look at the trailer and one-sheet for HOWL.



Historical note: Allen Ginsberg was never on trial.  It was Lawrence Ferlinghetti (owner of San Francisco’s City Lights and Ginsberg’s publisher) who was charged with obscenity.

+ HOWL  (September 24th)

Actor: James Franco
Actor: Jon Hamm
Directors: Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman
Images/Video: Oscilloscope

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