Friday, July 30, 2010

Sam + Rodrigo by Mariano Vivanco | Pull & Bear

Here’s a sneak peek at Sam Way and Rodrigo Calazans by Mariano Vivanco for Pull & Bear F/W 2010.


Model: Sam Way @ Models1/Wilhelmina
Model: Rodrigo Calazans @ Ford
Images: Mariano Vivanco for Pull & Bear
Thanks: Beauty Confessional

Patrick Hollensteiner by Sam Scott Schiavo


Patrick Hollensteiner joins the men’s board @ Stella in Vienna.  He’s a finalist in the LG Elite Model Look/Austria Contest.  Photography by Sam Scott Schiavo.

Model: Patrick Hollensteiner @ Stella
Images: Sam Scott Schiavo

Ollie’s Elvis Moment

Model: Ollie Edwards @ FM/VNY
Image: Milan Vukmirovic for L’Officiel Hommes | S/S 2008

Karl Wehle by Rick Day

VGL loves Major hottie Karl Wehle by Rick Day.  Um, wow!

KW #10001

KW #20018

KW #20030

KW #20057

KW #40056

KW #30055 

+ Karl Wehle on VGL
+ Rick Day’s photography on VGL

Model: Karl Wehle @ Major
Images: Rick Day

Fiasco Gives Great Face

The new Fiasco mag is out next week, and here’s a preview of the covers for THE FACE issue.




Model: Yuri Pleskun @ Request/FM
Image: Shannon Sinclair

Model: Luke Worrall @ d1/VNY
Vincent Nord
Model: Ash Stymest @ Select
Vincent Nord
Thanks: Larapixie

Diego Fragoso by Estúdio Alba

Brazilian model-to-watch Diego Fragoso was photographed by Estúdio Alba for S magazine.  Styling by Ander Oliveira.



+ Diego Fragoso on VGL

Model: Diego Fragoso @ F Mendes Model
Images: Estúdio Alba for S magazine | July 2010
Stylist: Ander Oliveira
Thanks: Brazil Male Models

Jude Law and His Sexy Voice for Dior Homme


VGL loves these teaser clips from the short film Guy Ritchie and Jude Law deliver for Dior Homme next week.

Emerging from reputation probation, Mr. Law expertly works his sexy voice and British accent for the house of Dior.

Click to play.

VGL will feature the film and stills next Tuesday, August 3.

+ Jude Law on VGL
+ Dior Homme Paris

Actor: Jude Law
Actor: TBD
Director: Guy Ritchie for Dior Homme Paris
Thanks:  Accidental Sexiness

Sports Heroes by Sam Scott Schiavo | Name It


Sam Scott Schiavo delivers sexy  Sports Heroes in the new issue of Name It mag.  Fresh from Vienna.










+ Sam Scott Schiavo’s photography on VGL

Model: Andrea Paoli @ Tempo
Model: Florian A. @ Wiener
Model: Godfrey Egbon @ Stella
Model: Johannes Gokler @ Body & Soul
Model: Lorenz Krisai @ Wiener
Model: Patrick Melech @ Stella
Images: Sam Scott Schiavo for Name It | Aug-Sep 2010
Fashion Editor: Adia Trischler

Colby Jamar by Damian Sammarco | Slurp

The new Slurp (#8) is out, and delivers a megadose of sexy male models, including Brian Shimanksy, Evandro Soldati, and in this preview, Colby Jamar by Damian Sammarco.

+ Colby Jamar on VGL
+ Slurp magazine on VGL

Model: Colby Jamar @ Nous/Major/WhyNot
Image: Damian Sammarco for Slurp #8
Stylist: Matteo Greco

Evandro Soldati | Massimo Pamparana for Slurp


+ Evandro Soldati on VGL

Model: Evandro Soldati @ Ford/Why Not
Images: Massimo Pamparana for Slurp #8
Stylist: Matteo Greco

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soldati the Sailor: Guess vs Hercules



Model: Evandro Soldati @ Ford
Image: Alix Malka for Guess by Marciano F/W 2010
Image: Giampaolo Sgura for Hercules #8 (2010)

Thomas Wyatt | Yu Tsai for Contributor


Thomas Wyatt rocks some of-the-minute womenswear in Hers on Him.  Photography by Yu Tsai and styling by Johnny Wujek for Contributor magazine.







+ More of this editorial @ Contributor magazine
Thomas Wyatt on VGL
Yu Tsai’s photography on VGL

Model: Thomas Wyatt @ DNA
Images: Yu Tsai for Contributor magazine
Stylist: Johnny Wujek

São Paulo | Sean Paul Varon by Didio


LA hottie hanging out in Brazil, a little surfing, a little looking-gorgeous-for-hire at L’Equipe.

Model: Sean Paul Varon @ L’Equipe
Images: Didio

Archive | Clemens by Nan Goldin | 1999

Clemens at Lunch at Café de Sade, Lacoste, France, 1999
by Nan Goldin.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elia Cometti for RA-RE

+ Elia Cometti on VGL

Elia Cometti @ d'management/Request
Image: TBD for

Archive | Arthur Sales by Ronald Luv

+ Arthur Sales on VGL

Model: Arthur Sales @ EP/Major
Image: Ronald Luv for Of the Moda (2009)
Thanks: Morphosis

Arthur + Tamiris + Hot Bike for A/X

Armani Exchange pairs Arthur Sales and Tamiris Souza Freitas + a $20,000 Ducati motorcycle for their high-concept F/W campaign, 2020/Speed Style.  Photography by Matthew Scrivens. 




+ Arthur Sales on VGL

Model: Arthur Sales @ Major
Model: Tamiris Souza Freitas @ One
Images: Matthew Scrivens for Armani Exchange

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