Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hedi Slimane Speaks!

hedi-500x679 talks to Hedi Slimane (by e-mail – he insisted) as part of its Future of Fashion series!  It’s Slimane’s first interview in a couple of years.  A sampling:

Can you envision a day when digital media will replace magazines?

I totally do, and I don’t see it as a bad thing. You don’t fight but embrace a natural evolution, really, and try to figure out how it would reveal new creative fields within global access, and multimedia features.

The Web site magazine will come way before the print version in the next decade. I don’t see any way around it, really. With the rise of the Internet, fashion did become part of the global entertainment industry in the last ten years, and will follow the digital evolution of the music or film industry.


How do you think technology—tweeting, blogging, social media, etc.—has affected fashion? For better or worse?

It has affected different aspects of fashion tremendously. From commentary to fashion design, communication, and distribution.

The fashion Internet community is like a global digital agora tweeting passions and opinions. Anyone knows better, and each one is a self-made critic.

This is a fascinating idea, as I always favored amateurism (”the one that loves”) over professionalism, attraction over experience. It obliges anyone in the industry to think in a fresher way.

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