Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Single Man's Marketing Mess!

VGL wonders if this is the final one-sheet for A Single Man? And if so, why?

It's a story about the love and loss of a gay man. We
love Julianne Moore (and hear she's super in the movie), but this poster says "stylish couple chatting about where to have dinner tonight" and not much more. If you didn't already know about the movie, would this make you want to see it? Don't think so.

Meanwhile, Tom has done a few interviews and Nicholas Hoult
(who has a small role in the movie) covers OUT this month and appears in this funny, "Cult of Tom" shot in Wonderland.

With the movie set for a limited release in five weeks, the Weinstein PR machine has yet to kick in. Is that enigmatic trailer that's been floating around final? How about some clips? And where is the film's dedicated website? Just saying.

+ A Single Man

Graphic: The Weinstein Company
Source: Towleroad
Image: TBD for Wonderland

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