Monday, October 19, 2009

VGL Exclusive! Lance Bass is Beefy Badass Boxer!

Lance Bass has been hitting the gym and he's got a beefy new bod to prove it! Lance plays badass boxer in these sexy new shots by Braden Summers!

Artist: Lance Bass
Model: Michael Ramm @ Empire
Images: Braden Summers
Location: Trinity Boxing Club NYC


JP said...

Wow, he looks really great. Age fits him good, he doesn't look like a choir boy anymore.

Tom said...

More realistically, it should be said that he doesn't look like a choir *girl* anymore. Lance is maturing into something studly...

Eric said...


Had I not known this was Lance Bass, I never would've guessed :-)

DirtWillie said...

Thank god he has gotten rid of that doughy look he was rockin for way too long.

He looks HOT!

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