Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making Sure Levi's Fit!

Levi Johnston's trainer reports that Alaska's former First (kinda) Son-in-Law is working out daily up in Anchorage to prepare for his Playgirl photo shoot. Marvin Jones tell People, "We're looking forward to revealing all his hard work!"

Levi is bulking up on a 3500-calorie Moose meat/low-carb diet, but don't expect "bodybuilder," Jones says.
"He's going to be more toned and more defined. I'd like to see him with rounder and more muscular shoulders, with a fuller chest. We're going to firm his abs up, (and give him a) smaller waist."

How much Levi will reveal of his new bod will be decided once he's in the studio next month in NYC!

Images: Mark Seliger for Vanity Fair


Kevin said...

is it wrong and pervy of me to want to see this so badly?? said...

Yes, Kevin, it is :-)

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