Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gaga Goes Goth! The Fame Monster!

The Lady Gaga will challenge fans with her next CD, The Fame Monster, on November 24th! The (kinda) re-release of The Fame will include eight new tracks exploring the dark side of celebrity:

“While traveling the world for two years, I’ve encountered several monsters, each represented by a different song on the new record: my ‘Fear of Sex Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Alcohol Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Love Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Death Monster,’ my ‘Fear of Loneliness Monster,’ etc.”

Maybe that explains these somber, black-and-white cover concepts for the new project.

Gaga said Friday that The Fame Monster is "a pop experimentation with industrial/Goth beats, ’90s dance melodies, an obsession with the lyrical genius of ’80s melancholic pop, and the runway."

Is she talking The Cure, Morrissey and Joy Division? The Prodigy maybe? We'll have to wait and see. The first single. Bad Romance, drops in three weeks.

Artist: Lady Gaga
Images: Hedi Slimane
Stylist/Source: Nicola Formichetti

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