Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Best-Looking Team in Football?

Stade Français recruits players based on looks rather than ability, according to a recently sacked coach.

The team produces the annual
Dieux du Stade calendars and DVDs which feature nude members of Stade Français and other Euro footballers. Former coach Ewen McKenzie made the accusations in an interview with L'Equipe.

McKenzie said club president Max Guazzini "could recruit one player over another just because he has a better look for the calendar. I had players in my squad who I never chose. Others were requested to leave the club because they didn't want to pose for the calendar any more!"

Guazzini responded, "From A to Z, everything he said was rubbish!"

McKenzie was with the team for just over a year and was sacked last month.

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Images: Dieux du Stade
Coach: Ewen McKenzie
Image/Quote: AFP


Crew said...


This is gonna make big noise I think...I m very curious to hear or see what it s gonna be said about that...

Inspector13 said...

must be a former bush official because he is nothing but a disgruntled former employee.

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