Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Look: Tom Ford's "A Single Man" Trailer!

Tom Ford's A Single Man premiered last night in Venice! The movie has received excellent reviews + a ton of ink about the designer-now-filmmaker himself. And, there is speculation that lead actor Colin Firth may have a shot at Best Actor when Festival awards are announced today in Venice.

Variety provides a good synopsis, and says the film is "luminous and treasurable, despite its imperfections." Expect gorgeous photography, mid-century architecture, furnishings and clothes, and even more gorgeous people!

As reported earlier on VGL, topmodel Jon Kortajarena (the face of Tom Ford Menswear) has a bit part in the movie.

A Single Man also stars Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode and Nicholas Hoult.

A Single Man screens next week at the Toronto International Film Festival. No release date has been set.

UPDATE 9/15/09: The Weinstein Company has acquired US rights to A Single Man and will release the film in NY and LA before the first of the year to qualify for Academy Award (Oscar) consideration. A wider release is expected in early 2010 (Variety).

+ A Single Man on VGL!

Images/Video: A Single Man | Fade to Black

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