Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mustachioed Mates!

Modelhotties Ryan Vigilant and Robyn Sinclair are (very) old-school mustachioed mates! Photography by Daniel D'Ottavio.

Model: Ryan Vigilant @ Major
Model: Robyn Sinclair @ Major
Images: Daniel D'Ottavio

The Latest Obesession: 160g!

Fresh from Paris! Giuliano Furgol & Eric Sposito deliver Obsession, the first digital issue of 160g. Crisp design, gorgeous photography and a sharp sense of style make 160g a must-read!

Francisco Lachowski and Charles Broustet are The Players photographed by Greg Gex -- one of a dozen spreads in the debut issue.

+ See the complete editorial @ 160g

Model: Francisco Lachowski @ Ford Homme
Model: Charles Broustet @ Success
Imges: Greg Gex for 160g

The Face: Charlie Scheerer!

VGL loves modelhottie Charlie Scheerer's new work with Jeff Slater!

Model: Charlie Scheerer @ Nous
Images: Jeff Slater

Afternoon Quickie: Nick Riback!

HommeStar @ The Pop tapped modelhottie Nick Riback and photographer Joe Lally for Meshes of an Afternoon!

+ More @ HommeStar @ The Pop!

Model: Nick Riback @ Major
Images: Joe Lally for Hommestar @ The Pop

Vlad + AJ + Collin in Numéro Homme!

VGL loves Diffraction in Numéro Homme 18! Chad Pitman photographed Vladimir Ivanov, AJ Abualrub and Collin Tennant. Styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Model: Vladimir Ivanov @ Wilhelmina
Model: AJ Abualrub @ Ford
Model: Collin Tennant @ Request
Images: Chad Pitman for Numéro Homme No. 18
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Source: Morpohosis

The Face: Tim Bryan!

Modelhottie Tim Bryan gets the David Arnot beauty treatment! Fresh from NYC!

Model: Tim Bryan @ Q
Images: David Arnot

Jeff Tomsik by Jeremy Kost!

Jeremy Kost shot Major model Jeff Tomsik at Coney Island for Andrew Buckler swimwear!

+ Jeff Tomsik on VGL!

Model: Jeff Tomsik @ Chosen/Major
Images: Jeremy Kost
Swimwear: Andrew Buckler

Rafael's Ranch!

VGL loves modelhottie Raphael Lacchine's sexy rancher in the new Têtu! Photography by Lucio Luna.

Model: Raphael Lacchine @ 40 Graus
Images: Lucio Luna for Têtu
Source: Brazil Male Models

Hey, Jude! Killer Commercial!

Jude Law goes from LA to London in this new spot for Dior Homme Sport + Intense! Music by The Killers.

A quick look behind-the-scenes...

Actor: Jude Law
Video/Stills: Dior Homme
Music: Shawdowplay | The Killers

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taylor Lautner | New "New Moon" Posters!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon released three new posters today. VGL's fave is Taylor Lautner and the Wolf Pack, of course!

Images: Summit Entertainment

The Face: Eric Thai!

NYC photographer/scout Joseph Bleu introduces unsigned modelhottie Eric Thai!

+ Eric Thai in Sailor Boys

Model: Eric Thai (unsigned)
Image: Joseph Bleu
Source: Hommestar
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