Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost Famous: HERO!

HERO is the hot new male model mag from London presenting The Faces of Tomorrow's Fashion! HEROes are the up-and-comers, the who's nexts, and the new guys you've seen but can't quite put a name to yet. Robbie Wadge covers Issue 1.

The mag is curated by visual artists Fabien Kruszelnicki and James West, and the first issue includes shoots with 28 models + many interviews -- all exclusively for HERO. Fabien and James will publish the mag twice a year.

+ HERO Magazine

Image: collage by HERO
Model: Robbie Wadge @ d1/VNY
Images: Matthew Kristall
Model: Ryan Koning @ Major
Images: Matthew Kristall
Model: Jarek Pietka @ DNA/Models 1/I Love Models
Images: Sam Scott Schiavo
Model: Michael B. Fox @ I Love Models
Image: Sam Scott Schiavo
Model: Luiz Freiberger @ ADM/Beatrice

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