Monday, August 31, 2009

The Future of Hollywood: Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt dishes some truth in the new Nylon Guys!

The 500 Days/GI Joe hottie says he
loves going to the movies, but hates the commercials up front, and declares the future of movies isn't in Hollywood -- and that's good news. Not your typical press junket interview, and another reason to adore JG-L!

Artist: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Graphic: Nylon Guys
Photography: Adam Fedderly
Video: Nylon Guys

Best of VGL: HunkHistory: Andy Minsker by Bruce Weber

In 1985, Bruce Weber photographed former Golden Gloves champ and would-be Olympian Andy Minsker for men's magazine Per Lui's Edizione Speciale USA!

Weber later made Broken Noses (1987), a film about Andy's devotion to the young boxers he was teaching in a small town near Portland.

Weber's work with Minsker was published in Japan (only) as The Andy Book in 1987, now a collector's item.

+ See Bruce Weber's first-ever online exhibition at The Sundance Channel

+ Andy Minsker update
+ Interview with Bruce Weber, 1985

This post was originally published on May 2, 2009.

Model: Andy Minsker
Scans: Bruce Weber for Per Lui
Image: Bruce Weber from Broken Noses
Scan: Bruce Weber, Andy's Book (cover)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

They're Gods in the UK!

The Gods of Football DVD was just released in the UK, and British media are hot for the Aussie footballers!

The Sun Women's section drools, "These lads’ Down-Unders are the hottest thing to come out of Australia since Hugh Jackman."

And Attitude mag unveiled The Sex Issue with Gods of Football star Nick Youngquest
in next to nothing on the cover and in a steamy layout.

+ Gods of Football on VGL!

Athlete: David Williams/Gods of Football
Image: Gods of Football
Athlete/Model: Nick Youngquest @ Nous
Image: Simon Harris for Attitude

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joshua Sarrazola!

Modelhottie Joshua Sarrazola gets the Rick Day beauty treatment!

Model: Joshua Sarrazola @ Nous
Images: Rick Day

Brian by Bruce!

Model: Brian Shimansky @ Major
Image: Bruce Weber

Best of VGL: Santiago is Officially Major!

The waysexy Argentinian Santiago Peralta made the move to Major Models this week! VGL loves Santiago by Bruno Rand, Paul Reitz and Greg Vaughan!

This post was originally published June 5, 2009.

Model: Santiago Peralta @ Major
Images: Bruno Rand
Image: Paul Reitz
Images: Greg Vaughan

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ryan Bertroche for Blanco!

Spanish label Blanco launch their second season of menswear this F/W with Request modelhottie Ryan Bertroche!

Model: Ryan Bertroche @ Request
Images: TBD via Blanco
Source: The Fashionisto

Carlos Freire on the Beach in Rio!

Model: Carlos Freire @ 40 Graus/Major
Image: Rick Day

Ryan Pfluger by Jory Dayne!

Photographer: Ryan Pfluger
Illustration: Jory Dayne

The Face: Crosby Tailor!

Modelhottie Crosby Tailor delivers the beauty in these fresh shots by Christian Rios!

Model: Crosby Tailor @ Nous
Images: Christian Rios

Friday Foto: Band of Outsiders!

Model: Jason Schwartzman
Image: Band of Outsiders
Source: The Fashionisto

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Chic: Absolutely Soaked!

VGL loveslovesloves Theodor Temertzidis and Sebastien Condemine absolutely Soaked in So Chic! Photography by Pablo Arroyo.

Model: Theodor Temertzidis @ Success
Model: Sebastien Condemine @ Success
Images: Pablo Arroyo for So Chic No. 16
Fashion Editor: Yann Weber
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