Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr Nobody: Jared Leto!

Jared Leto stars as Nero Nobody in the upcoming science fiction flick Mr. Nobody! Nero's a guy who wakes up in the future (2092) where people no longer die, and at 120 years old, he's the last of the old-school humans. Or something like that.

Mr. Nobody was filmed in Germany and Montréal in 2007 and opens in October in select European cities. No US release has been announced.

Artist: Jared Leto
Images: courtesy Quiet Earth

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Jules said...

Mr Nobody looks like a good film, quite unique, although the opening section does remind me of Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button. I am torn though and whilst I wish Jared well with his film career, if this is mega successful then the music with 30 Seconds To Mars will have to take a back seat. Tough decision and there's only one Jared to go round - unfortunately!!

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