Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bodies of Evidence!

Paris-based Men Evidence is the sexy new men's digimag! Modelhotties in cool clothes, music, theatre, film, architecture and travel are all presented with élan! Beautiful, with a brain!

Photographers Joseph Bleu, Cyprien Leym and Didio report from France, Greece, Brazil and the US. VGL selects these favorite images from the debut issue!

+ Men Evidence Magazine (Debut Issue)

Model: Nicholas Boehmke @ Major
Images: Joseph Bleu
Model: Marlon di Gregory @ EG
Images: Didio
Model: Bryce Draper @ Major
Images: Cyprien Leym
Benjamin Nicco @ New Madison
Image: Cyprien Leym
Hilton @ X-Ray
Breen @ X-Ray
Images: Cyprien Leym
Editor-in-Chief: Krystof Richard Kempf

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Anonymous said...

reallyappreciate ;) Thank You so much !:)

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