Tuesday, December 22, 2009

VGL Best of 2009: Beauty on Duty!

[This post was originally published June 13, 2009]

VGL lovesloveloves these images by Matt Albiani from his new book Lifeguard on Duty!

The blurb: Albiani is a New Englander who "traveled for years across the US, and photographed ocean guards in their own environment [and] has created a beautiful and unique portrait to the Life of a Guard."

VGL loves the timeless calm of the photos! And the guys are waysexy.

Creative director Sam Shahid (A&F hotness guru) designed Lifeguard on Duty and published it on his Antinous Press imprint at powerHouse.

+ Buy Lifeguard on Duty!

Images: Matt Albiani from Lifeguard on Duty (2009)

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