Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Jasper!

Peggy McDonnell showed portraits of Jasper in the 2009 senior show at Parsons this week! The young artist tells VGL she's obsessed with the male body at the moment, and Jasper's in particular! We've, um, been there.

Peggy Ann works with natural light, and is not a fan of the trend toward perfection in imagery:

I do not retouch my work beyond removing dust and a few unwanted blemishes here and there. I am very much interested in beauty and it is a focus of mine but it can be taken too far in some commercial instances. I want to see pores! Skin that is so smooth it looks plastic is the first (& worst) way to take retouching too far.

Model: Jasper
Images: Peggy McDonnell aka Peggy Ann
Tip: Douglas Perrett

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