Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eau My God!

Sam Scott Schiavo shot this retrosexy fragrance editorial last summer for Vienna's now-defunct gaymag GIB!

+ Eau My God on VGL!

Model: Jeremy Frisbee @ Beatrice
Model: Brian Jankic @ ILoveModels
Model: Ivan Gatti @ ILoveModels
Model: Peter Winkler @ Chic
Model: Markhollan @ Beatrice
Source: Sam Scott Schiavo

Bleu Andrew!

George Brown at Red introduced his latest discovery this week: Andrew Ruffin! Joseph Bleu gives VGL this first-look at Andrew's debut test shots.

+ Red Models on VGL!
+ Joseph Bleu on VGL!

Model: Andrew Ruffin @ Red Model Management
Images: Joseph Bleu

Sam Way Jams!

Sunshine, hot models, and a beat you can dance to! Mariano Vivanco directed this short film on the set of a D&G shoot (2007).

That's Sam Way with the dance moves and lip-synching skills! Also starring David Gandy, Rainer, Clark Mallon and Matt Loewen.

Model: Sam Way @ Models 1/Wilhelmina
Model: David Gandy @ Select/DNA
Model: Matt Loewen @ Models 1/DNA
Model: Clark Mallon @ d'management
Model: Rainer @ Select
Director: Mariano Vivanco
Editor: Tim Smith
Music: Mystic 3

Happy Birthday, Kayne!

Aussie rugby stud Kayne Lawton of the Gold Coast Titans turns 20 today! He's the youngest member of the Gods of Football.

+ Kayne Lawton on VGL

Courtesy: Gods of Football

Saturday, May 30, 2009

HunkHistory: The Sydney Dream!

Before the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 12 of Australia's Olympic contenders got naked for "The Sydney Dream" a book and calendar by photographer James Houston!

VGL doesn't know much about sports, but these look like naked water polo players.

+ The Sydney Dream/James Houston
+ Buy It

Cosmo by Cosmo!

Premier model Cosmo McDonald's self portrait with, um, cigarette!

+ Cosmo McDonald on VGL!

Source: Cosmo's Blog

Just Justin & Justin!

VGL loves this image of Justin Zweber by Richard Pier Petit (aka Hutch)!

Model: Justin Zweber @ Specimen/Request
Image: Richard Pier Petit (Hutch)

Morning Muscle!

Rick Day gets the sexy
fitness model and personal trainer, Dave Shutler!

+ Rick Day on VGL!

Model: Dave Shutler @ Silver
Images: Rick Day

Friday, May 29, 2009

Who's Next: London!

Charlie Ross is one of the MA design students at the Royal College of Art preparing for the annual RCA Fashion Show June 10th. DazedDigital has the story.

Model: Uncredited
Image: Nick Clements
Designer: Charlie Ross
Source: Coûte que Coûte

Friday Foto: Nagi Sakai!

Model: Tyler Riggs @ Red
Image: Nagi Sakai for Tush
Source: Dave Fothergill's Blog

Sexy Texan: James Ratliff!

James Ratliff is one sexy Texan! VGL loves this set by Nate Jensen.

Model: James Ratliff @ Nous
Images: Nate Jensen
Source: Nous Men's Blog

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jamie Dornan!

Belfast-born topmodel-actor-musician Jamie Dornan (27) is today's Hunk du Jour!

Model: Jamie Dornan @ Select
Images: TBD

Ruis by Samuel Zakuto!

VGL loves this set of Ruisdael Cintron by Samuel Zakuto!

Model: Ruis @ Request
Images: Samuel Zakuto

Ethereal Cosmo!

Cosmo McDonald is featured in Ethereal at Fashion156! The editorial was styled by F156's founder/creative director, Guy Hipwell. Photography by Fabrice Lachant.

+ Ethereal @ Fashion156

Model: Cosmo McDonald @ Premier
Images: Fabrice Lachant for Fashion156
Stylist: Guy Hipwell

Rafael Nadal's in Vogue!

Not only is he the top-ranked singles player in men's tennis, Rafael Nadal has style! In his first match at The French Open on Sunday, Rafa wore hot pink (and won, of course)!

Rafa is interviewed in the new Vogue with photos by Bruce Weber.

Athlete: Rafael Nadal
Portraits: Bruce Weber for Vogue
Image: FFT

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fresh from London!

London's calling with nine new faces filmed/photographed by Pierre Debusschere for the new Dazed & Confused. Charmants has the gallery + video.

Model: John Patric @ B1
Image: Pierre Debusschere for Dazed & Confused
Stylist: Robbie Spencer

E.T. Discovers The Gods!

Entertainment Tonight has discovered Gods of Football! The program aired a segment tonight on the Aussie footballers who got naked for the charity calendar and DVD!

+ Gods of Football Blog

Graphic: Ariztical Entertainment

Steamy Petr Rykov!

Vision model Petr Rykov gets filthy and blows off some steam in the new Maxim! Photography by Vlad Loktev!

Model: Petr Rykov @ Black/Success/DNA/Vision
Images: Vlad Loktev
Source: Vision's Blog

The Gaze: Nils Butler!

Model: Nils Butler @ Ford Homme/DNA
Image: Dinah Hayt

What a Friend She Has in Jesus!

Last week, it was rumors of a Kabballah wedding, but Jesus Luz tells the Brazilian TV show Fantástico that Madonna is "Just a friend. Nothing but a friend." Made in Brazil has the scoop + video!

Image: Steven Klein for W

Chris Austad Soaking Wet!

VGL loveslovesloves it when models get soaking wet at work! Chris Austad was photographed by James Houston for Hugo Boss Pure.

Model: Chris Austad @ Major
Images: James Houston for Hugo Boss Pure

Basic Roberto!

Roberto Jordan gets the beauty treatment from photographer Dallas Logan!

Model: Roberto Jordan @ Basic
Images: Dallas Logan
Source: Jonathan @ Basic
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