Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photos of Jesus (Unconfirmed)!

Brazilian journalist Phelipe Cruz (PapelPop) posts these (leaked) photographs and reports that Jesus Luz aka Mr. Madonna (maybe), will/has give(n) an interview to Vanity Fair, is/isn't going to work new Louis Vuitton or D&G campaigns, that these are/n't test shots etc., etc. Isn't gossip fun!

Meanwhile, Made in Brazil (VGL's source) is not very impressed with Jesus and his skills (compare to Zoolander, MIB snarks)!

Poor Jesus is getting his comeuppance for the I'm-with-Madonna-now-bitches ditching of his Brazilian agency, 40 Graus!

Model: Jesus Luz @ Ford (?)
Images: Uncredited
Source: PapelPop

Special thanks to
Made in Brazil for the tip!

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