Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go Jonathan, Go!

Jonathan Waud is a supermodel-in-the-making, with or without the show! Make Me a Supermodel airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

Model: Jonathan Waud @ Nous
Image: Indira Cesarine for Bravo

Afternoon Quickie: Alan Carey!

Alan Carey holding a can of Coca-Cola. Refreshing!

Model: Alan Carey @ Red
Image: Mariano Vivanco for Numéro Homme (17)

Wet Underwear (No) Contest!

+ See the rest of the editorial

Model: Bryce Draper @ Major
Image: Bruno Staub for Têtu
Source: Major Model Management

O Henry!

Million Dollar (New) Face, Henry Watkins, is working the buzz in NYC with half a dozen tests in his first week! In these fresh shots, Henry gets Walter Kurtz's trademark "Golden Boy" treatment!

+ Everything Henry on VGL

Model: Henry Watkins @ Red
Images: Walter Kurtz
Source: George Brown @ Red

That Smile! Paul Walker!

Paul Walker is one hottie VGL never tires of gazing at, and he's today's Hunk du Jour!

Actor: Paul Walker
Image: Steven Lippman

All That Glitters!

Model (l): Patrick Meckelburg @ Nine Daughters
Model (r) Lasse Pedersen @ Ford Homme
Image: Benjamin Alexander Huseby for Vogue Hommes Japan

John Russo's Nous Men!

Celebrity portraitist John Russo photographed topmodels from Nous Model Management in LA!

Model: Billy Marquart
Model: Josh Pence
Model: Eric Bivoino

Images: John Russo
Source: Nous Men Blog

Shades of Makin!

VGL loves this image of model Makin Curry by Kevin Polvent!

Model: Makin Curry @ Red
Image: Kevin Polvent
Source: George Brown @ Red

Angular Beauty!

Model: Louis Simonon @ Storm
Image: Guiseppe Gasparin for Rolling Stone Italia (forthcoming)

Model: Jamie K @ FM
Image: Ben Weller for Qvest (March 2008)

John Colver was stylist for both + source for the images.

Rewind: Sean O'Pry!

Sean O'Pry rocks Black and Blue by Mariano Vivanco in Details!

Model: Sean O'Pry @ VNY
Images: Mariano Vivanco for Details 0908

Joel the Kingston!

Aussie Joel Kingston is 20, very fit and looks fabu amongst the tree limbs! Photography by Nik Studio Industries.

+ See the gallery @ The Royalty!

Model: Joel Kingston
Images: Nik Studio Industries
Source: The Royalty

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sheer Beauty!

Model: Thomas Ivasaki @ Premier
Image: Daniel Ward for
Product: Shirt by Christie Lee

Swimsuit Issue!

V magazine and Mario Testino deliver a racy swimwear editorial in the new issue!
Here's a peek: Josh Pence! V #59 is available from May 6th.

Model: Josh Pence @ Nous
Image: Mario Testino
Source: JD Ferguson's blog

Fabien's Miles!

VGL loves these moody portraits of model Miles Miller by Fabien Montique!

Model: Miles Miller @ Empire
Images: Fabien Montique for frillr

Modou Seye: Fantastic!

Modou Seye is waysexy in the stunning new editorial from FantasticsMag: Black and White Situation
[title fail]! Photography by Vikram Pathak!

+ See the rest @ FantasticsMag

Model: Modou Seye @ Models International
Images: Vikram Pathak for FantasticsMag

Hilfiger Hits the Pool!

View on Fashion says Hilfiger's new campaign for men's swim evokes 50's Miami! VGL just wishes we could inspect the new suits a little more, um, closely!

Image/Model: uncredited via View On Fashion

Rahbi Rocks!

If Grace Jones and Prince had a love-child that child would grow up to be Rahbi, says Art Nouveau Magazine!

VGL loves Rahbi, the glamsoul artiste outta Atlanta!
Art Nouveau has the interview + pics!

+ Rahbi plays ATL's Southwest Arts Center April 30th.
+ Rahbi @ MySpace

Images: Fernando Decillis
Source: Art Nouveau Magazine

Ricky Martin as Brando!

People en Español's Los 50 Más Bellos 2009 has the honorees playing dress-up as Hollywood icons!

Newdaddy Ricky Martin is a sexy but not very convincing Brando, but who would be? Photographer Omar Cruz created the gorgeous portfolio!

Image: Omar Cruz for People en Español
Tip: Boyculture

DNA Delivers Jock Hotness!

DNA #112 is published today and the gay AussieGlossy delivers the heat in their annual SPORTS issue!

Inside: Rick Day's new book Players, Jessie Pavelka, gay jocks in college sports, an update with Matthew Mitcham, a snarky "Open Letter to Ian Thorpe" and chock-fulla-jock layout by Sandro & Maykson!

Matt "Mr. Abs of" Stone covers!

Image: Rick Day
Image: Sandro & Maykson
Image: Uncredited via

Discovering Sam Hayes!

Aspiring filmmaker and Lower East Side newbie Sam Hayes is an Interview "Discovery"! Photography by Sebastian Kim.

A taste: Reason for coming to New York: "It’s infinitely more high-strung than California. I stood out in California. Now I just kind of fit in."

Subject: Sam Hayes
Interview interview: Lucy Madison
Images: Sebastian Kim

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fernando Alonso!

VGL loves this image of Formula One Racing champ (and major hottie) Fernando Alonso by digital artist Benedict Campbell!

And for your reference: an unretouched shot of the Spanish hunk snapped by a fan at last month's Australian Grand Prix!

Jonathan & Kevin Sampaio in Tokion!

TopTwins Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio from My Mistakes are Made for You in the new Tokion! Photography by Bruno Staub.

+ See the editorial @ Life is a Puzzle

Models: Jonathan Sampaio and Kevin Sampaio @ Ford Homme
Image: Bruno Staub

Up on the Roof with Justin & Omar!

City boys hit the roof to catch a few rays and chill! Fabien Montique photographs Justin and Omar!

Special thanks to frillr and Fabien Montique!

Model (w/ink): Justin @ Boss Models
Model: Omar @ Boss Models
Images: Fabien Montique for frillr

Cole Mohr in Paris!

FrenchFotographer, Eric Sposito, caught topmodel Cole Mohr backstage in Paris in January!

Model: Cole Mohr @ Request
Images/Source: Eric Sposito
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