Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The New American Dream(boat): Vladimir Males!

The new American Dream is fame -- getting your 15 minutes. Meet the almost-famous Vladimir Males!

Vlad just signed with Red Model Management
and his agent, George Brown, not surprisingly predicts a flood of VladLove!

And what's not to love? Wavy brown hair, piercing green eyes, those lips! And this is no male model skinny boy. Vladimir Males is 76 inches of manly muscularity!

Photographer Walter Kurtz told VGL that Vladimir, a 25 year-old immigrant from Serbia, is also an extremely nice guy. And that counts in the famebiz.

The new American Dream does come true -- especially if you're as dreamy as Vladimir Males!

+ Everything Vladimir Males on VGL

Model: Vladimir Males @ Red
Images: Walter Kurtz (VGL First Look)

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