Saturday, February 28, 2009

VGL Italian Guy (37) ISO True ♥

Happy Birthday Antonio Sabato Junior! It's actually the 29th, but the next February 29th isn't till 2012, so we cheat.

And now, the mandatory Birthday Suit shot:

The 37 year-old model-actor (with global brand recognition only slightly lower than Coca-Cola) is looking for "true love" in a new reality thingy for VH1 this summer. The show recently ran ads in search of
the most alluring, seductive and exotic single women to embark on the romantic adventure of a lifetime. In this heartfelt and romantic competition of love and seduction, one femme fatale will become the envy of all others and attain the love of Antonio Sabato Jr.
Ain't love grand?

VH1 can count on tons of gay men to watch. For the catfights, the drama, the beefcake. And just to watch Antonio Sabato Junior move and speak! If the producers are smart, ASJ will be shirtless most of the time. Like this:

To VGL, Antonio Sabato Junior will always be the demigod on the Calvin Klein underwear billboard, a hundred feet tall, looking down on Times Square like he owns New York City.

VGL hopes you find real(ity) love, Antonio! We'll be watching!

Image: uncredited
Image: ABC Television
Image: Wayne Maser for Calvin Klein

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