Monday, February 2, 2009

Show Package? Yes, Please!

Model: Rob DeVita | Red

The fashion whirld is mid-frenzy this week. Everyone's just back from Milan and Paris, and New York Fashion Week begins February 13th.

Between now and then, modeling agencies are in superpimp mode trying to get designers, casting agents and stylists to book their clients to walk the runway under the tents in Bryant Park.

Model: Ibrahim Baaith | Red

The slots are limited and highly-coveted by the models and their agents. There will be even fewer than usual this season as fashion houses economize. Competition between agencies is legendarily fierce.

Each S/S and F/W, agencies drop major cash on a “show package” -- a collection of printed "show cards" with their model's photos and stats. They're often elaborately produced in very limited quantities and the best become collector's items. A show package defines a modeling agency's image in the ultimate image-driven industry. It better be good, and creativity counts.

Model: Pawel Milner | Red

Model: Jeremy Clem | Red

Red-hot Red Model Management has a hella-lotta hella-hot male models, and VGL loves the package they're showing this season. The cards are surrealistic composites in constructivist black and red, and the men are, um, scrumptious. Elegant, simple. Art.

Model: Adrien Fedida | Red

Model: Stan Jouk | Red

Model: Rob DeVita | Red

Concept by Dave Fothergill @ Red. Realized by Jon Malinowski. Images by the various photographers are uncredited.

See the the entire package @ courtesy of Red Model Management.

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